Promoting Company Accomplishments Increases Goodwill And Leads

Will a prospect become a customer because of an award you won? Will they elevate the award value above other elements like capabilities or price?

5 Ways to Promote Accomplishments and See the Return

Maybe not. But just like a positive customer review can tip the scale in your favor, so can your company accomplishments. But it doesn't happen in vacuum. Communication is required for that recognition to register. If you don't provide a vehicle for your audience to see what you've achieved you'll miss out on the opportunity.

Promoting Company Accomplishments

If you are in an industry that has an award program, you achieve a new important certification or are recognized for work you do in the community, take these five steps to get the most out of those recognitions.

1 | Write An Article

Local newspapers and business journals value content from area companies. Develop an article that details the award. 150 - 300 words is all you need. Make sure it includes:

  • A quote - The organizer of the recognition is typically open to offering quotes about the award, how they went about the selection process and why your company stood out. A quote adds credibility to your article.
  • An image - Photos of the award or the award ceremony personalizes the achievement. Plus, people look at images and read headlines and captions more than an entire article.

Publications have print and online editions so ask for links from their website back to yours. That will draw additional traffic and improve your position in search. For the print version, get extra copies and use as handouts.

Need help, we'll write and distribute it for you.

2 | Develop A Case Study

If it's a business award, transform that article into a case study. Buyers value the information a case study provides. An industry award, where your product or process is acknowledged, is worth outlining. How did you resolve a problem or break new ground for a customer? Did you help them increase brand awareness, improve a return on investment or reduce costs? Quantify the details.

A well written case study is effective online and offline. It will impact your audience through email, a customer handout or as part of a presentation.

3 | Repurpose The Information

You penned a great article so make sure it's available in all relevant channels.

  • Showcase on your website - The article or case study you've written is easily repurposed into a new web page or an extension of a current page. Link key points to other relevant web pages to expand audience understanding and allow visitors to learn more about you. Make sure you to include images!
  • Use it in your newsletter - Send to customers and prospects. Make sure you enable social sharing to make it easy for your contacts to share the information with others.
  • Publish on LinkedIn, Facebook and other social media channels - Depending upon the type of award, social media is a popular outlet. Make sure the information is available for people to see in the places they frequent. And, include a sentence or two about your capabilities with links back to your website.

Promoting company accomplishments allow you to show off your personality so potential customers get an idea of what you are about. There's no better place for that than through social media.

4 | Make It Fun

A meaningful award is something beneficial to share with all employees. Make it a celebration. Feature it in an all hands meeting.

Promoting company accomplishments makes everyone feel stronger about you. Plus, there's no better message than employees touting your brand. Even if your company doesn't use social media, your employees do. Develop a post with images that they can use on Facebook, Twitter, their LinkedIn page or even a image centric channel like Instagram. This ensures a consistent message and allows your employees to add favorable comments and further strengthen you position.

5 | Generate Leads

We're all in the business to make money. Increasing overall brand awareness is positive. However, by enabling the lead generation element, you can further leverage and monetize your investment.

Make it easy for a prospect to connect by making your email address and phone number visible on all digital and analog materials. Develop a landing page on your website so prospects can easily request additional information. Making them find there way to a generic contact form will dramatically reduce inquiries. Add effective calls to action that encourage your audience to take that next step. And don't do any of the above without designating a person in your operation to provide appropriate follow up.

By taking these steps you'll maximize the value of the good work you deliver, increasing the amount of potential buyers and generating new revenue opportunities.

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