4 Effective Content Marketing Examples You Should Implement In 2017


How do you effectively connect with prospects today? HubSpot found that buyers are less dependent on sales during the buying process even compared to just a few years ago. Because buyers are taking on more of the discovery process and relying less on personal interactions, it's crucial to have online content that educates and builds understanding even when you aren't having personal conversations.

Content Market Examples Beyond The Norm

But content marketing is more than web pages, blog posts and other written information. Expanding your mix beyond this traditional output elevates your reach. It connects you with a broader audience and presents your value in unique ways.

Use these four content marketing examples to help you stand apart and increase connections with your ideal customer.

1 Facebook Live

With 229 Million active U.S. users, you can’t ignore the Facebook ecosystem. And Facebook Live is an effective way to leverage the channel.

Essentially a live streaming capability, Facebook Live allows you to share video with followers and friends on Facebook.

It’s incredibly easy. Broadcasting live on Facebook allows you to reach your target audience with nothing more than the smartphone in your pocket. Using an iPhone camera is one of the easiest ways to begin broadcasting on Facebook, which makes the feature ideal for any business.

To ensure that I would execute a Facebook Live event properly, I tested the application. To my surprise, just a short innocuous test resulted in numerous responses. When I used Facebook Live to stream a presentation at the Great Lakes Graphic Association Conference and Expo, the response was off the charts.

There are dozens of opportunities for you to leverage this tool.

  • Show off your operation so prospects see what you have to offer
  • Turn a written case study into a live demonstration of the benefits your capabilities provide an end user
  • If you attend trade shows, bring the booth to prospects that couldn’t attend
  • If you present at the event, then broadcast it for others to see
  • Introduce new capabilities and staff
Once your live stream is over, you can still reap the benefits. The video will be published to your page or profile so that follwers and friends who missed it can watch at a later time. You can also remove the video post at any time, just like a normal post.

Give it a shot, you’ll be amazed at the feedback!


Information graphics are graphic visual representations of information, data or knowledge intended to present information quickly and clearly. Infographics allow you to explain a lengthy or complicated topic and turn it into an easier to understand piece of visual content that captivates your reader. The brain processes visual information faster than written which makes an infographic an effective content tactic.

In addition to improved understanding, infographics provide numerous other benefits. Buyers frequently share the content, passing it along to others that have a problem you can help solve. Since the sharing occurs in a natural way, infographics have a positive impact on brand awareness. And because users often click through, they drive additional people to your website which has a positive impact on SEO.

When considering an infographic topic, start by identifying a pain point or a topic that your audience has an interest in that you can help solve. Use data points to help illustrate your points and create a design that’s compelling and eye appealing.

Promote it on your website, blog, social media, associations and with other relevant publishers.

3Print & Direct Mail

Your audience uncovers information from various sources online and offline. Marrying digital and analog content can create a more powerful mix.

Print provides value to prospects in two ways. It communicates information that assists the discovery process. And, it also allows you to direct users to additional content resources online. For example, integrating a QR code allows you to:

  • Link to exclusive or time-limited content
  • Provide specific information about you, your products, or services
  • Connect your customers/prospects with media such as a video or gallery
  • Direct your customers/prospects to a landing page or email sign up form
Plus, printed materials can be an effective option to reach targeted groups of executives or other prospects that need a break from their inbox.

A study by Epsilon showed that 77 percent of consumers sort through their physical mail as soon as they get it. Effective printed materials bring you right to a prospect’s desk communicating expertise that only you can deliver.


Much like infographics, videos are effective at conveying more complex and lengthy information. With consumers insatiable appetite for video, it's a must have content medium. The average consumer watches over 200 videos per month!

But it's not just entertainment, videos are part of a buyers discovery process.

  • Over 75% of fortune 500 executives are viewing online video
  • More than 70% of B2B buyers view video product demonstrations before making a purchase
Every company benefits from videos like these:
  • Introduce yourself to prospective customers through a Company Overview. It allows you tell your story, define what sets you apart and spell out your value proposition.
  • Explain why your capability is the best solution to customer pain points and show how easy it is to implement using a How To or Explainer video.
  • Appeal to the subset of your audience that wants more detailed education with an Expert Video.
Users remember videos better than the written word. Using video engages your audience and enhances any content marketing program.

Vary The Output - Vary The Distribution - Expand Your Reach

An effective content marketing program builds relationships and sells your brand 24/7/365. Expanding the type of content, like these content marketing examples, and the channels you use to distribute that content, broadens your reach and provides more opportunities to connect with your ideal customer.

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