3 Steps That Will Attract More Prospects To Your Website

3-steps-that-will-attract-more-prospects-to-your-websiteHow do you increase the value of your website? As more buyers are formulating purchasing decisions online, there's never been a better time to elevate your position. With the right web strategy, you have an opportunity to build new relationships and nurture prospects into customers. But, what is the right strategy? How do you attract more prospects?

Attract More Prospects To Your Website Using These 3 Steps

These three steps will help you expand your audience and convert more prospects into buyers.

1 | Harmonize Keywords

Keywords unlock the door to your target audience. They are the beacon that attracts prospects - and search engines - to your website. For customers, they confirm understanding and encourage further interactions.

So, don't use the wrong words!

But, how do you know?

Make sure the keywords you use, the ones that represent your products and services, actually depict your capabilities, as well as how your audience thinks about them.

Here's what I mean. If you offer a wide range of services, you might invent a term that represents those services. But, your audience may not understand the term. And sometimes, you position your services in entirely the wrong place.

For example, a commercial print company used the term Integrated Communications to represent the services they bundled with their broad product offering. Look at the search results page:


No commercial printer to be found! Prospects didn't use that term. Customers that knew the organization didn't understand the term. Talking your audience's language is essential to connecting with current customers and new prospects.

What You Can Do

Compile a list of the product and services names you use. Search for each one. If your competition shows up, that's a good sign. You don't want to be your competition but you do want to be in their vicinity. If there are no competitors, you need to rethink the keyword.

Once you've verified that the word makes sense, use the Google Keyword Planner to get monthly search volumes. If a keyword has minimal traffic, the tool also provides suggestions on viable alternatives.

Once you've identified the best words, use them in your webpage content and metadata. This improves the odds that prospects will find you when they search for your capabilities.

2  | Content

How do buyers formulate purchasing decisions today? Not through your sales rep. At least not until they have researched your capabilities online. Content provides the education, builds understanding and ultimately demonstrates how your capabilities fit a buyer's needs. Used effectively, it will attract more prospects to your website.

Fresh website content encourages return visits from prospects, allowing you to build relationships. But not just with your audience. Search engines take notice. New content can elevate your position in search.

Content serves as an online sales rep. On call 24/7/365. Positioned to attract more prospects. Part of the conversation even if you aren't speaking with them directly.

What You Can Do

Start by understanding audience needs. Overlay your key capabilities with the primary need areas to generate content topics. Utilize materials your company already generates to speed the content development process. Use an editorial calendar to stay on task.

A small staff? Limited resources? No excuse! Sales drive the well-being of all businesses. Content is your internet sales rep.

3 | Distribute Your Content

Effective content reaches your audience in the places they look for it. The 4Ps of marketing include place, or distribution, as one of those Ps. Although Jerome McCarthy didn't have content distribution in mind when he originated the 4Ps as a professor at Michigan State, the internet made it a critical part of the marketing mix. Just like a product placed in five outlets instead of one, distributing content in five channels will attract more prospects.

When you distribute content in various forms, it reaches a broader audience.  It targets a prospect's needs as they progress through the purchasing stages. It builds relationships.

What You Can Do

Determine where your audience looks for information. It may be LinkedIn, trade magazines, vendor websites, white papers, newsletters, blogs and more. Use those channels to distribute your content. You can repurpose an effective topic in various formats, so don't recreate the wheel.

Reach out to trade magazine editors. Offer to write articles or guest blog posts for their publications. Send out a press release using the business wire for high profile information. Use video or stream on Facebook Live. You'll be amazed at how you will attract more prospects.

As best selling author Seth Godin said, "The Grand Canyon wasn't created by an earthquake." Instead, it was billions of years of erosion. I promise, if you implement these three steps, it won't take a billion years to attract more prospects. But, by committing to the journey and working at it each day, you'll attract more prospects and convert more of those prospects into buyers!

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