Using Video For Marketing Your Company

What can you do in 15 seconds? Run 200 meters. Make 72 million red blood cells.

Open a bottle of wine. And for a website visitor, decide on one of two things:


  • Engage with you further
  • Learn about your competition instead
For browsers, attention spans are even less. Captivating your audience is hard. However, there are steps you can take to encourage greater interaction. Using video for marketing can improve engagement and capture more opportunities.

Why Using Video For Marketing Your Company Is Effective

Dr. James McQuivey of Forrester Research predicted the importance of video in his 2008 article, How Video Will Take Over The World. He made headlines when he equated the value of a one minute video to almost 2,000,000 words. Outrageous, yes. But, there are plenty of legitimate reasons why using video for marketing your company is important.

The average consumer watches over 200 videos per month. And not just the grumpy cat variety.

And it's not just watching, videos promote action.

  • B2B video accounts for a “very high” quantity of leads (23%)
Users remember videos better than the written word. Using video for marketing enhances communication and engages your audience.

What Videos Do You Need

When meeting with a new prospect, a sales rep goes through a progression of steps. From introduction and overview to specific capability details, a rep advances the conversation as more specific needs are uncovered. Effective videos follow that same path.

Consider these topics:

  • Company Overview - An overview video is an ideal way to introduce yourself to prospective customers. Since your audience may or may not know your company, it allows you tell your story, define what sets you apart and spell out your value proposition.
  • How To or Explainer - A how to or explainer video takes a diagram, recipe, or list of steps and brings the topic to life. It can show your audience how to use your product or service. Effective explainer videos speak to your audiences pain points, explain why your capability is the best solution to that pain and shows how easy it is to implement.
  • Expert - An expert video can cover a wide range of topics. An in-depth explanation of a product or process. A use case or case study. Bringing an implementation plan to life. Expert videos appeal to the subset of your audience that wants more detailed education. And it allows you to differentiate yourself from the competition.

How To Use Videos For Marketing Your Company

Getting To Know You

A suspect. A cold lead. A user that discovers your company for the first time. Only a small percentage take that next step and learn more. A company overview video can help warm that opportunity. Effectively placed on your home page, it captures the attention of prospects, encouraging them to click and learn more.

They are also great to use on social media home pages. Embedded on LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter and more, they allow you to reach other users in their channel of preference. A link from the video to the appropriate web page will capture opportunities that you otherwise miss. They are effective in introductory emails and InMails as well.

Educational content is the one of the most favored types for consumption. Explainer videos expand your audience knowledge. If you have a lead nurturing program, these videos are perfect for top of the funnel prospects. They build awareness, expand interest and establish the relevance of your capabilities.

For a commercial printer, an explainer video showing how to integrate digital printing into the marketing mix or tips on how to prep files to ensure a smooth trip through preflight are topics both current customers and prospects would value.

Middle And Bottom Of The Funnel
Your prospect has learned more about your broad capabilities and is ready to get into specific solutions. The expert video connects with their needs at this funnel stage, demonstrating that your capabilities are a good fit.

Quick Tips

Reuse and repurpose. Just like written content, a video can be repurposed for effective use in other channels. Snippets of webinars, events or even product videos can be applied in shorter form and delivered in social media or emails.

Length matters. Cumulative research by Wistia shows that, when in regards to videos, less is definitely more.

Video Length Matters

Think script first. An effective script is the single most important part of the video. A well written script will engage your audience and produce results.

Don't fade to black. Use a call to action instead. Think about what your video is designed to accomplish and then direct your audience to where they should go next.

Give It A Shot

Using video for marketing your company engages your audience and allows you to convey your capabilities in a way that written content can't. It's a proven way to convert more prospects into buyers. With multiple uses and reasonable expense, videos are a cost effective tool you should add to your marketing mix.

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